Oxygen Systems Plus, Inc. - Installers of Medical Gases


In partnership with our clients from design to completion, We work hand in hand with the architects  and contractors to ensure a seamless and worry free installation. Keeping in compliance with NFPA standards and local code requirements.



Amico Corporation manufactures the most advanced Medical Gas Pipeline products available today. Our goal is to ensure that all products, services and workmanship provided are of the highest level of quality attainable and shall provide for the clients a safe cost effective working environment.


Our prices are the most competitive in the market. From product sales to new construction, retro-fits, add-       ons, manifold and alarm  upgrades  no job is too small. Give us an opportunity to bid on your next project.


                    Surgery Centers                                  Veterinary Hospitals                              Dental Offices   

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                                     Hospital                                                               Front Desk


                       Exam Room                                                         Treatment Room


                In cabinet 02 / Vac outlets                                         All-in-one Suction / Scavenger Set-up



                                                                Two of Four Surgery Suites


               Oxygen Closet                                                    Oxygen Generator with Back-up Tanks


      Nitorgen Manifold manual             Oxygen Zone Valve Box                             Oxygen Alarm



                                   Sky View                                                                    Floor Plan